About Us

Over ten years of experience, Licensed and insured. 

Certified Pool Operator

Aquatic Facility Operator

Lifeguard Instructor

Water Safety Instructor

Certified Park &
Recreation Professional

Gold Star Aquatix was founded by a team of highly experienced aquatic professionals. With over 13 years managing aquatic facilities, waterfront, resorts, private and public pools, we stride to provide the highest quality of services  needed. We offer a range of Red Cross courses and services that meet your needs. Your safety is our priority in and out of the water.

Our goal is to train and provide lifeguards with the knowledge to recognize and prevent injuries. As well as to teach you or a loved one the skills needed to survive in any water. We will continue to expand to make aquatic facilities safer across the country.

We look forward to speaking with you.

The Gold Star Aquatix team

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