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Why should my child take swimming lessons?

Drowning is the leading cause of death in children aged 1-4. Florida alone has the second highest drowning rate in the United States. To beat these odds, Jacobs Aquatic Center offers  professional water safety instruction to give your child confidence in the water.

Children 3 & Under- Water Acclimation

Our water acclimation classes are designed for children under 3 who are new to or fearful of the water. In both levels we ask that parents get in the water with their child to make their experience more comfortable.

Level 1

We like to associate the water with having fun so we structure our classes with songs and lots of praise! In this level the instructor is hands off with the child but teaches the parent how to go through the exercises. This is recommended for children who are hesitant of new people.

Level 2

Level 2 has the same structure as level 1. The only difference is that the instructor does the last exercise with the child. This is done to encourage independence from the parent.

Children 3 & Under- Water Survival

Our water survival class is for children who have graduated from level 2 water acclimation. It can also apply to children who are already confident in the water but just need help with their assisted back float.

Level 3

In this level the instructor is completely hands-on with the child and parents no longer need to be in the water. Here, we introduce new techniques that aid in the water survival process.

Children over 3- Water Acclimation

In our over 3 acclimation class parents do not have to get in the water. The instructor works directly with the child to make them feel comfortable. This class is recommended for children who are nervous or afraid of the water.

Level 1

In this level we work our way up to assisted back float and having the child voluntarily go under water. 

Children Over 3- Water Survival

In our water survival classes we focus on getting the child to float independently as well as teaching them the basics of freestyle and backstroke.

Level 2

Level 2 focuses on getting children to float independently and teaches them how to swim to safety. This is recommended for graduates from Level 1 water acclimation or for children who are comfortable in the water but do not know how to float.

Level 3

Level 3 focuses on the basics of freestyle and backstroke. We also teach the children breathing techniques.


It’s never too late! We also offer adult classes for individuals who are fearful of the water or just want to learn the basics.

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